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Environmental policy

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  1. THE WOOD: the raw material of our production cycle
    Chi siamo

    The sole raw material we use in production is beech wood.
    Wood is an organic material and it is able to reproduce itself naturally. Woods are distinguished through odour, colour, varnishing design and through their volumetric mass.
    We transform the mechanical properties of the wood such as its elasticity and hardness, and its resistance to compression, traction and bending.
    Furthermore, wood is a hygenic hydroscopic material and it is 100% biodegradable, in fact, it can be easily recycled.

  2. The improvements made over the different phases of the life span of our products.
    Chi siamo

    The production phase is controlled by the choice of minimal usage of raw materials (the modern production line allows to efficiently make products with less waste) which has less environmental impact (certified raw materials PEFC, reduce noise pollution and less dust emmission)

  3. Raw material life extension
    Chi siamo

    It is possible as the residuals resulting from raw material usage are recycled and reused or employed in other waste-to-energy processes to produce electric or thermal energy

    The wood residue material is sucked from the production line and transported to the pelletizing department: during this process, pellets are transformed into small pieces.

  4. Production Waste Disposal
    Chi siamo

    With our new pellet plant, in addition to the environmental policy that our company has adepte, we have pursued objectives and milestones that have made it possible to complete reuse wastes resulting from production.

    The environmental milestone in 2019 is to obtain Zero KG of waste disposal.